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With Children

We work with small groups of children in 30 minute sessions: with the help of stories two group leaders guide the 4-5 children in the world of self-reflection and emotions, following the mentalization-based methodology we have developed. Every group session starts and ends with a welcoming and farewell ritual. During the sessions we provide a safe space for the children to learn about and reflect on their own inner states and emotions.

A carefully chosen fairytale acts as the backbone of every group session. We think and feel together with the different characters in the story. We connect to the story by discussing personal situations and feelings similar to those appearing in the fairytale.

Then we draw about each tale. While every child draws, they process the experience of the story and we encourage them to find their own way of creative expression. Especially for disadvantaged children it is also an important means to develop fine-motoric skills.

An important aspect should be pointed out: everything happens within the frame of mentalization. We help children to express their feelings, we give feedback on their behavior and we express ourselves too, making it understandable what we do and why.

Currently we work in two 8th district kindergartens with 12 groups, and we reach directly approximately 60 children per year. In 2017 and 2018, about 1000 drawings were made during our group sessions.


We are happy to cooperate with other institutions (e.g. kindergartens, primary schools, children’s homes, etc.). Please, contact us, if you would like to cooperate!

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