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How are you?


In our opinion this is one of the most important questions. More important even than the answer. You can feel good, or bad, or even just “okay”. Just ask yourself sometimes and answer the question honestly. And ask others as well. Especially your children.

We are working


so people ask this question of themselves and of others.

... so that children get to know their feelings and better understand themselves. So that they better understand adults, siblings and friends around them. So that they are successful integrating into groups and working in teams. So that they love themselves.

... so that professionals involved get to know themselves, as individuals and as professionals. So they think about themselves and about the families they work with. So they pay attention to their own feelings and the feelings of others. So they raise, teach, and love children in a way that allows the children to love themselves.

... so that parents get closer to their own feelings. So that they think about their roles as an adult and as a parent. So that they understand their children better. So that they love their children in a way that allows the children to love themselves.


We promote


mental health and well-being,


"Since the days of Adam and Eve, since the time when one became two, nobody has been able to live without wanting to put himself in his neighbour's place and explore his situation, even while trying to see it objectively. Sympathy is an indispensable means of self-preservation.”

Thomas Mann

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